Humanities Lab

The Frisch Humanities Lab is a cultural and research incubator grounded in humanities-centered inquiry. Students collaborate on research to construct practical solutions to major contemporary questions from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences. This inquiry into our most pressing problems is rooted in the endeavor to explore what it means to be human. Through various modes of analysis, students explore their identity as members of multiple communities with numerous spheres of responsibility. Questions to be examined include: Who am I? What are my responsibilities to others? What is my role as a member of my family, my school, my community, my country, and the world?

H-Lab classes challenge students to formulate questions and research answers on critical topics, such as the digital world, poverty and health, through four modes of analysis: History, Social Science, Philosophy, and Media Literacy. Juniors and seniors can choose to engage in a self-directed research project among other course options.