Cougar Cafe Card

The COUGAR CAFE CARD will function as a debit card for the purchase of food in our cafeteria. Money added to the card is deducted each time a purchase is made. This program will help us expedite the lines in the cafeteria and allow us to enhance our daily menu.

Where do I get a card?

You child will receive the card on the first day of school. Please ask him/her for the paperwork.

How do I activate and add money to my card?

You can send a check payable to ‘The Frisch School’ along with this form. Please be sure to include the card ID number on the check. Cards will be activated within 24 hours. Or you can upload money by credit card. Please follow the instructions under the tab ‘Cougar card payment by credit card‘ on the website.

What if I have more than one child in school?

Each student has his/her own card. You may send one check to school. Unless otherwise indicated, the funds will be distributed evenly between all cards. When adding money by credit card you will have to add to each card by individual id number and repeat as necessary.

How much money can I put on my card?

There is no maximum.
There is a $25.00 minimum with payment by check.
There is a $50.00 minimum with payment by credit card.

When can I begin using my card?

When paying by check you must give the business office 24 hours to process your payment. Funds added on-line are available immediately.

What happens to the money on the card at the end of the school year?

It’s your money. All funds will rollover from semester to semester and year to year. At graduation, balances are refundable.

What is my child loses the card?

Please suspend the card on the ITC website immediately then notify the business office or the cafe cashier. Any balances on the card will be restored to a new card. There is a $10.00 fee for a replacement card.

How do I know how much my child is spending?

Log on to the ITC website. Through this site you can see transactions, monitor balances, report lost cards and add funds with a credit card.

We are delighted to offer this convenient and more efficient method of making purchases in the cafeteria. As always, we thank you for the opportunity to serve the Frisch community.

If you have any additional questions, please call the Business Office at (201) 267-9100 ext. 208.