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Rabbi Asher Bush

Talmud Faculty

Rabbi Asher Bush is a member of Frisch’s Talmud, Tanakh, Halacha and Jewish History faculty, in addition to serving as the Rav of Congregation Ahavat Yisrael of Wesley Hills. He is the author of Responsa Sho’el B’Shlomo and many dozens of scholarly articles, as well as a regular contributor of Halacha articles to Jewish blogs. In the classroom, Rabbi Bush brings these interests together demonstrating the real-life application and relevance of Jewish law.

Profile of Academic Work:

  • Sefer of Respona, Sho’el B’Shlomo, containing 60 essays in topics of contemporary application of Jewish law (the book was dedicated in memory of the late Rabbi Shlomo Kahn, longtime Frisch faculty member & mentor of Rabbi Bush).
  • Second Volume of Responsa, containing over 80 topics, due out 2015, to be published by OU Press
  • Approximately 100 published articles in various journals including: (in Hebrew) Or HaMizrach, Mesora, Beis Yizchak, HaDarom, HaPardes, (in English) Hakira, V’Rapo Yerape, Journal of Halacha & Contemporary Society, Chevrusa, Viewpoint, and (Online) Torah Musings. A number of these written and oral pieces can be accessed at YUTorah.org.
  • Some of the more significant publications include: Vaccination in Halacha & in Practice in the Orthodox Jewish Community, Bone Marrow Donation in Halacha, The Prohibition of Smoking in Halacha, Halachic Issues in the Determination of Death and in Organ Transplantation, The Mitzvah of Pidyon Shevuyim and its Application to Convicted Criminals, Aliya L’Torah for a Wheelchair bound person, The Permissibility of Tattooing in Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Guest Speaker on topics of Medical Halacha and Aguna resolution.
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