The Frisch School, Yeshivat Frisch, is a Modern Orthodox Jewish community of bnei and bnot Torah who are budding scholars, artists, athletes, activists, and friends sharing a passion for learning. Together we commit to our core values of a spirit of inquiry, religious growth, a culture of kindness, a pursuit of passion, and meaningful relationships. Life comes together at Frisch.


Spirit of Inquiry

Frisch’s unique combination of excellent faculty, challenging courses, strong religious values and a supportive atmosphere allows students of all academic levels to achieve their academic, personal and religious potential. Academic classes blend Judaic and general studies, deepening knowledge and appreciation for both. Specialty tracks, elective courses and directed studies enable students to pursue personal interests and hone their unique talents. Sophisticated pedagogy is enhanced with the latest in educational technology.

Religious Growth

Frisch inspires students to deepen their commitment to halacha, Torah values and Medinat Yisrael. Our wide array of Judaic studies courses allow each student to take a leading role in his or her own religious growth, whether drawn to Gemara, Halacha, Tefillah, Machshava, or Chassidut. Students develop a love and appreciation for Talmud Torah and the skills and motivation for life-long learning. Formal and informal educational programs are infused with religious meaning and cultivate spiritual growth.

Culture of Kindness

Kindness defines life at Frisch, among both students and faculty. Students become part of a culture that values sensitivity to one another, as well as to others in our society. Regular Chessed programming in a variety of settings further emphasizes the importance of this concept. By embracing kindness, students develop into thoughtful, compassionate members of Klal Yisrael who appreciate and celebrate each other’s contributions and uniqueness.

Pursuit of Passion

At Frisch, academic study comes together with the exploration and discovery of student talents, interests, and passions. In addition to an unparalleled variety of academic specialty tracks, the vast multitude of co-curricular activities provides something for everyone. On Frisch’s expansive suburban campus with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, students can hone existing skills or find new interests. In addition to events throughout the year, Shiriyah presents a special opportunity for students to harness their talents in a magnificent, school-wide celebration centered around a Torah theme.

Meaningful Relationships

Building deep, respectful, lasting ties with people you can trust and learn with binds all our core values together. Students learn and develop best when surrounded by faculty and fellow students who know them well and care about them. The close friendships among students that develop at Frisch extend long after the four years of high school. The trusted bonds that form between teachers and students often last far beyond graduation, as Frisch faculty continue to serve as mentors and advisors for students as they attend college, enter adulthood, and become active members of the Jewish community.


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September 10, 2024
5:15 pm
Varsity Golf Practice – Howarth Golf Club
September 11, 2024
5:15 pm
JV Boys Golf Practice- Howarth Golf Club
September 17, 2024
5:15 pm
Varsity Golf Practice – Howarth Golf Club
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July 25, 2024


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"The relationships I formed with my teachers were incredible, and I maintain them to this day. I constantly look back to the fundamentals that Frisch instilled in me, and use them every single day in my life."

Jacob Herenstein ‘12

“I am honored to have several of my Frisch classmates among my closest friends after more than a decade since our graduation. I credit Frisch with creating an environment where students from different backgrounds and of varied strengths could form meaningful, lasting friendships, whether through schoolwork or extra-curricular activities.”

Renee Stern ‘09

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