Independent Instruction

Frisch Research Fellows, a cohort of self-motivated and intellectually curious students from grades 9-12, are provided with a semester-long opportunity to explore an area of interest in directed study. As a supplement to their rigorous courseload, students learn how to conduct sophisticated research, organize materials and produce an academic paper/project.

Frisch Research Fellows

Regular meetings with faculty mentors help students formulate their research proposal, identify appropriate scholarly resources, delineate a comprehensive outline, and convey original ideas in an academic style. Upon completion, papers/projects are compiled into an academic journal and students receive an additional grade on their transcript, as well as a description of their research efforts in their college recommendations.
Frequent seminars serve as a hub of collaboration and joint learning as each member of the cohort is afforded an opportunity to present his/her research followed by discussion. The exchange of ideas not only benefits those listening to the presentation, but also assists the presenter in clarifying and developing his/her research, as each member is required to comment or ask a thought-provoking question to further the conversation.
Additionally, the cohort meets with university professors of a variety of disciplines related to directed studies’ research on a monthly basis to learn about the scholars’ latest research and discuss their areas of expertise in an informal and intimate environment which fosters intellectual growth.

Directed Study topics included:


Economic, Environmental and Political Effects of Fracking by Zach Cohen ‘16 (mentored by Dr. Shira Weiss)

A Philosophical, Neurological and Psychological Understanding of Adolescent Decision Making by Jodi Fishbein ’17 (mentored by Mrs. Rachel Besser)


The Interplay of Neuroscience and Environment in Religious Development by Leeron Carmi ‘16 (mentored by Dr. Shira Weiss)

Abraham or Ibrahim? Father of Monotheism by Ronit Langer ‘15 (mentored by Mrs. Rachel Besser)

The Mystery of the Exodus Explained by Julie Sohnen ‘17 (mentored by Mr. Eitan Kastner)

Jews and the Civil War: Sermons and Prayers by Robin Tassler ‘17 (mentored by Mr. Eitan Kastner)

Scientific and Ethical Considerations in the Advancement of Stem Cell Research by Rivka Zimm ‘17 (mentored by Dr. Mindy Furman)


Artistic Depiction of Megillat Esther by Miranda Flamholz ‘14 (mentored by Mrs. Ahuva Mantell)

Development of Satan in Tanakh and Ancient Near Eastern Literature by Benjamin Glass ‘14 (mentored by Dr. Shira Weiss)

Halakhic and Ethical Issues Regarding Early Ovulation and Conception by Liat Greenwood ‘15 (mentored by Dr. Marie Conroy)

A Psychological Analysis of Biblical Figures by Ronit Langer ‘15 (mentored by Mrs. Yael Goldfischer)

Halakhic and Ethical Implications of PGD by Shira Levie ‘15 (mentored by Dr. Mindy Furman)