Technology at Frisch

At Frisch, technology is considered an essential tool to further our curricular goal of promoting student-centered learning. Through the use of technology, students can interact directly with primary sources of information and, through the active facilitation of our teachers, become more independent and engaged learners. Students have access to cutting-edge, multi-platform technologies using Macs, Chromebooks, PCs, 3D printers, and digital fabrication tools in our 21st Century Lab, library, publications room and Fab Lab.

Students also benefit from the “staples” expected in a state-of-the-art environment designed to promote 21st-century learning, including interactive displays in all classrooms, numerous software resources (including Bar Ilan Responsa database and various academic databases), Google Apps Suite of collaboration tools, concept mapping software, mathematics software, as well as software for high level multimedia, video editing and graphic design projects.

Frisch’s online learning management system delivers class specific resources, including homework assignments which can be digitally submitted and graded, course-related resources, and dynamic learning activities that can be accessed by students and parents.

Frisch’s full-time Director of Educational Technology works with all faculty members and students to continuously introduce new and creative uses of technology in the classroom, elevating the level of instruction by creating engaging, interactive and learner-centered lessons.

Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky
Director of Educational Technology
201-267-9100 x223