The Frisch Arts Track

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Track is a four-year course of study, developed by our Director of Visual Arts, Mrs. Ahuva Winslow. The track provides a dynamic curriculum within an environment conducive to artistic risk-taking and student expression. It enables students to acquire the skills necessary for lifelong artistic learning and application. The Arts Program accommodates individual learning styles and develops students’ skills working in a variety of techniques. A special component of this track is the Artists’ Beit Midrash, a weekly program that combines textual learning of Jewish and biblical sources, philosophical discussions, and inquiry-based study, followed by the transposition of those thoughts and ideas into visual works of art. Students have the opportunity to learn from contemporary artists and lecturers through the program and gain exposure to many art related opportunities and experiences. Implementing the elements and principles of design, students in the Visual Arts Track create a portfolio of work of the highest standard.
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Under the guidance of our Director of Music, Mr. Steve Bill, the Music Track is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to compose, arrange, record, and perform music on a professional level. Students gain exposure to the latest recording technologies and composition techniques. The track also includes demonstrations by professional instrumentalists in the skill of writing music for the students’ specific instruments. In addition, students have the opportunity to compose music for film and video, as well as for the Frisch Performance Ensemble and Jazz Band. The goal of the four year Music Track is to equip students as professional performers, composers, orchestrators, music producers, or educators.
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Studio Art & Art History

The 11th grade Studio Art elective enables students to explore each one of the foundational elements of art. Themes are introduced visually through examples in art history. Class time is also devoted to self-exploration, personal research, and class instruction and discussion. Students learn the power of every element of design in an effort to understand how elements work together to form the ultimate work of art. Critiques and discussion will be encouraged, as well as group collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

The 12th grade A.P. Studio Art course aims to challenge the students, refine their skills, and add new materials to their artistic repertoire, by producing works in full color through canvas paintings, use of watercolors, oil pastels and more. This class fosters creative and design thinking, personal growth and class/group work.

Students in Grades Nine and Ten are able to integrate art into their classroom instruction with project-based assignments which are supported by the art department and its resources.

Studio hours in Frisch’s art room are open to all students, including those not currently enrolled in art electives, and affords them with an opportunity to do artwork with a teacher’s guidance.

Frisch’s extracurricular Art Club is offered once a week for two hours after school for students who wish to go into more depth of study and exploration in any of the art mediums.

Art History

The Advanced Placement Art History course gives eleventh and twelfth graders the foundation needed to study and discuss art from all parts of the world, from prehistoric times to today, with a special emphasis on European art. Traditionally, the study of art history includes the study of architecture, sculpture, the pictorial arts – painting, drawing, printmaking and photography – and the craft arts or arts of design. The AP course offers a sweeping survey of the handicrafts of mankind from ancient civilizations to the modern world. It engages students at the same level as an introductory college art history course, developing students’ skills in visual, contextual and comparative analyses.

AP Offerings: AP Studio Art-12th Grade, AP Art History-11th and 12th Grades