Community Service

At Frisch, students develop into passionate members of the Jewish community whose concerns for social welfare extend beyond school.

AISAC – The American Israel Student Action Committee

AISAC’s goal is to work with the faculty and in conjunction with courses in the Torah Studies and History Departments to educate the student body about Israel’s past and present, as well as to help students become knowledgeable and proficient defenders of Israel. AISAC promotes Israel awareness within the Frisch community and the Jewish community at large.

Media Watch, an important committee of AISAC, sponsors letter-writing campaigns to help refute inaccurate reporting. AISAC writes and distributes a newsletter entitled Acheinu, and a bulletin board is maintained to keep students and faculty informed. 10273127_753248158040384_2791232031277183682_o

Educational assemblies are held whenever a notable event involving Israel or the region occurs, providing key information, offering sophisticated analysis, and placing the event in its appropriate historical context. Grade-wide programs throughout the school year focus on a number of controversial issues.

AISAC meets as an after-school club to develop student initiatives that involve Israel activism and education. Programs are continuously crafted to address the needs of the people and State of Israel. Additionally, the Frisch Facebook page and AISAC Frisch Twitter account are updated regularly with significant articles pertaining to current events facing Israel.

AISAC organizes letter writing campaigns, petitions, and, unfortunately, expressions of condolences to families of victims of terror, through the use of our Media iPad Center.
The senior grade has additional sessions devoted to Israel advocacy to prepare our graduates to respond to anti-Israel activities on college campuses. Seniors also prepare talking points that they present to congressional representatives on Capitol Hill during our annual trip to Washington DC.

Chessed Society

The goal of the Chessed Society is to enhance the lives of others. Chessed Society’s projects include: food drives, toy drives, YACHAD and Friendship Circle Events.


Kahal is the school’s student-run Tzedakah organization which raises tens of thousands of dollars for causes selected by our students, which are meaningful to the Frisch community.

Chessed Days

Chessed Days allow students to take the Jewish values that they learn in the classroom and actualize them in the community. Each student in the school has three opportunities throughout the year to participate in a grade-wide Chessed Day during which students engage in various community service projects which include: meeting with residents of nursing homes, volunteering at local food pantries, preparing and serving food in soup kitchens, cleaning Jewish cemeteries (Chessed Shel Emet), building Sukkot for senior citizens and working with individuals with developmental disabilities. The goal of each Chessed day is to expose each student to various acts of chessed in order to foster future involvement in such organizations and other communal service initiatives. Collaboration for a common cause also contributes to the social cohesion among our students which enriches the warm environment at Frisch.

Kookies for Kindness

Kookies for Kindness is the most recent addition to the Chessed projects at Frisch. Kookies is a student run group which bakes cookies and sells them in beautifully packaged platters for Shabbat. Student leaders research and select worthy causes as beneficiaries of the sales. Students plan, advertise, bake, package, and sell the wildly popular cookies. Bake sales take place multiple times throughout the school year.

Big Brother/Big Sister

Seniors mentor incoming freshmen, beginning at Freshman Orientation. The relationships are developed at Freshman Retreat and continue through the year.