Learning Center

Student Support Services

The Learning Center is part of Student Support Services at Frisch, offering students supplementary academic support to ensure success in the rigorous dual curriculum of a yeshiva high school. Students are placed in appropriate tracks in an effort to cater to individual needs. Learning specialists, all trained in multiple learning issues for the high school level, meet with students in small groups in the Learning Center, to support classroom learning in General and Judaic Studies. With the help of the Learning Center, students improve their ability to express their ideas in writing, enhance their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, strengthen executive functioning skills, and develop their study and test-taking strategies.

A close working relationship is established between teachers, learning specialists, guidance counselors, and parents in an effort to help each student realize his/her potential. We take great pride in the success of the Learning Center. To date, all of our Learning Center students have gone on to college and successful careers.

For more information, contact:

Mrs. Arly Avner
201-267-9100 x413