Special Interests

Frisch offers a plethora of diverse options, enabling every student to find an activity of interest.

Student Council

Student Council provides student liaison to the administration of Frisch and promotes student involvement in major issues arising within the Frisch community and in the community at large. Student Council’s major function is to improve student life at Frisch. Two representatives per grade and four executive officers are elected each spring.has

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a program in which students who excel in a particular subject volunteer to assist other students who may find a subject particularly challenging. Students meet weekly during lunch or a free period. Through our Guidance department, students are matched in an effort to help each student achieve success.


Frisch Coding Club: Cougars Code Together

Frisch’s Coding Club is an after school club where students learn about programming from their fellow classmates. Members will improve their skills in programming, creating websites, and making fun games using programming languages like Python and Javascript and websites like Code Academy and Code.org. Students can also learn basic website design as well including HTML, CSS, and HTML5. The club features presentations on coding concepts, group projects and guest speakers. Students in the club also have the opportunity to participate in a website design competition in which they compete against students in schools across NJ.


Environmental Club

The Environmental Club focuses on environmental awareness and environmental protection. Students will be volunteering, organizing and researching environmental issues with the hope of getting the whole school and community aware of the many ways we can help keep our earth “green”.

Finance Club

In the Finance Club, students learn about the world of finance, market trends, and how the economy is influenced by consumer spending, as well as participate in various in-school mock competitions, preparing for the Stock Market Tournament hosted by Yeshiva University.

Improv Club

The Improv Club is geared toward students interested in learning the techniques of informal acting.

PreMed Society

In the PreMed Society, students with an interest in medicine meet with guest speakers from different aspects of the medical profession.

Salute to Israel Parade Committee

Members of the Salute to Israel Parade Committee plan, organize, gather materials, and produce the displays the Frisch School uses when marching in the Parade. The Committee also plays an integral role in setting up the props at the parade.