Annual Grade Seminars

At Frisch, informal education is not extracurricular; it is an indispensable element of the Frisch Experience. Annual trips offer our students a chance to bond in an out-of-school setting and to discuss issues that typically affect students during those years. The learning and growth which occurs on these retreats, provides some of the most memorable and meaningful moments of our students’ educational experience. Upon returning to school, the students integrate the lessons learned on retreat back into the classroom and the school community.

Shabbatonim & Trips

At Freshman Retreat, “Where Cubs Become Cougars”— our newest students have the opportunity to get to know one another, and to begin forming relationships with members of the faculty and administration in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. During the course of the weekend, freshmen play ball, swim, socialize and experience a wonderful Ru’ach filled communal Shabbat. Students participate in formal and informal learning sessions designed to stimulate thinking and discussion about a wide range of topics, such as peer pressure, identity and self-esteem, as well as religious issues that thoughtful yeshiva students will inevitably confront during their high school years.

As the sophomores are suddenly thrust into the heart of their hectic high school experience and forced to deal with the transition to adulthood, they travel to Virginia Beach for “Sophomore Slam”. The image of the ocean waves rushing at the shoreline is a catalyst for meaningful discussions concerning the transitional period of development in which these young men and women find themselves. Each day of the “Sophomore Slam” is packed with a mixture of touring and educational sessions which are geared towards enabling our students to grapple head-on with the issues they may encounter.

With great awareness of how hectic the junior year can be, the junior seminar has been designed as an oasis from the students’ day-to-day pressure and work. The “Frisch Freezefest” is a combination of stimulating educational sessions as well as unique winter activities, including: ice-fishing, dog-sledding, snow-rafting, and a unique experience in an ice-hotel.

The goal of the “Senior Sayonara” is to solidify all of the formal and informal learning that the students have been exposed to over the past four years which will serve as a guide for them in their college years and throughout life. The seminar also gives seniors and their faculty one last opportunity to bond and reminisce about their Frisch experience, spending time together as a grade touring, traveling, socializing and sharing a meaningful Shabbat.