The Hebrew language is the key to understanding the vast religious, halachic and literary heritage of the Jewish people, and to communicating with Jewish communities in the State of Israel and beyond. Hebrew courses at Frisch aim to vastly expand students’ vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, deepening their speaking, reading, writing and understanding skills. Frisch’s Hebrew program spans four years of study, and is tracked according to students’ previous knowledge and academic level. Beginner tracks start with the building blocks of the language, while the highest tracks delve deeply into complex vocabulary and syntax, morphology, and literature.  

Senior Elective Course Descriptions 

Nakh B’Ivrit 

Want to both learn more Nakh and beef up your modern and academic Hebrew skills? This course will go through the entirety of Nakh chronologically, from beginning to end, covering some or all of every sefer – all in Hebrew. It will also include influential and thought-provoking essays on the topics discussed. 

The Hebrew Poem 

Hebrew poetry is more than just literature. It has also been a medium through which numerous Jewish men and women rejuvenated an ancient nation and gave it a modern, vibrant identity often deeply rooted in traditional texts, suffused with emotion, yet always looking towards the future. In this course we will study a variety of Hebrew poetry from the revival of Hebrew culture through today. 

Biblical Heroes in Contemporary Hebrew Literature 

For Israel’s founders, Tanakh was more than a sefer about the past – it was a blueprint for the future. This course will examine a variety of figures from Tanakh, as interpreted by modern Hebrew writers. You will look at essays, songs, midrashim, and more, and get to view your favorite biblical characters in a way you have never seen them before. 

Contemporary Israeli Media 

Welcome to Contemporary Israeli Media, in which students will further develop their Hebrew Language skills and gain a better understanding of major political, cultural and social developments in Israel by exploring various media sources. From news articles to blogs, interviews, TV clips, political cartoons and more, students will improve their Hebrew vocabulary and reading comprehension skills by diving into the unique Israeli political system, society, sports and culture. In addition, students will become familiar with the different political parties and key figures in Israeli society. 

The Israeli Song 

Israel has an incredibly vibrant musical culture catering to all sectors of society–from viral pop videos to folk classics, Idan Raichel to Yonatan Razel. You name it, you’ll find it in the Israeli musical repertoire. Learn about and listen to many of Israel’s classic hits in all genres of music while shoring up your knowledge of contemporary Hebrew!

Hebrew Ulpan 

In this Ulpan-style class, students will be exposed to the modern Hebrew currently spoken in the State of Israel. An emphasis on real-world situations, relevant encounters, and practical information will assist in building students’ conversational vocabulary and grammar skills. 

Israeli Newspaper 

This course will expose students to the Israeli press as a mirror of democracy in the modern state. Students will read various articles, geared to their level, from various Israeli newspapers of different perspectives. In the process, students will experience how different segments of society cover events in the country and around the world.