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The Hebrew language is the key to understanding the vast religious, halachic and literary heritage of the Jewish people, and to communicating with Jewish communities in the State of Israel and beyond. Hebrew courses at Frisch aim to vastly expand students’ vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, deepening their speaking, reading, writing and understanding skills. Frisch’s Hebrew program spans four years of study, and is tracked according to students’ previous knowledge and academic level. Beginner tracks start with the building blocks of the language, while the highest tracks delve deeply into complex vocabulary and syntax, morphology, and literature.  

Senior Electives 

Bechina Yerushalmit

Bechina Yerushalmit is designed for students who would like to continue their Hebrew literature studies at an advanced university level. In addition to modern Israeli literature, the extensive curriculum includes sections from Tanach, Tefillah, Mishnah and Jewish thought.

Israeli Newspapers

This course exposes students to the Israeli press as a mirror of democracy in the modern state. Students read articles from various Israeli newspapers with different perspectives and experience how different segments of society cover events in the country and the world.


Different levels of Ulpan-style learning expose students to the modern Hebrew spoken in the State of Israel today, with an emphasis on real-world situations, relevant encounters, and practical knowledge.