Student Publications

Frisch students produce a variety of publications both online and in print. Whether interests lie in Torah, poetry, current events or graphics, every student can find a publication appropriate for his/her contribution.

Be’er Shavua

A student-run weekly publication of Divrei Torah.

Articles in Be’er Shavua are written by students and faculty and pertain to Parshat HaShavua, Yom Tov, and Halakhic issues. Be’er Shavua is printed and distributed weekly to Shuls throughout our many communities to spread Torah beyond the confines of Frisch.

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Foreign Language Journal

The Foreign Language Journal is a multi-language journal published once a year. Languages include French, Hebrew and Spanish. All Frisch students are encouraged to submit work for publication.

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Frisch News Network

A student-produced newscast covering Frisch news and events at Frisch.

The Frisch News Network produces a regular mini newscast, providing updates on school news, upcoming events, and special features. Students gain experience newswriting, newscasting, conducting interviews, producing, and operating the camera/mic.

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Kalliope (The Frisch School’s Literary Magazine)

Students who contribute to Kalliope, our award winning literary journal, submit original work: short stories, poetry and essays, as well as art and photography that reflect and enhance the literature. Kalliope was honored with a silver award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association and also won a Crown Award for the design.

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The Lab (STEM Journal)

The LAB, Frisch’s STEM Journal, provides an opportunity for students to explore, research, and write about emerging, cutting-edge STEM topics.

The Paw Print

A student-produced newsletter featuring timely articles about the Frisch experience and the wider world.

Produced once a week by student staff members and contributors, The Paw Print gives a quick and accurate update on the news that is relevant to their lives. The Paw Print give students the opportunity to write about the news, both at school and around the world, that most interests them.

Torah Journal

The Frisch Torah Journal is a club which teaches the skills required to create an insightful d’var Torah. It culminates in the publication of an annual collection of original Torah-based articles researched and written by Frisch students. Participants are expected to attend several training sessions on how to properly research a Torah topic. Writers then pick a topic of interest, submit outlines and drafts and, hopefully, end with a product worthy of publication.


One way to keep Frisch memories alive is through the yearbook. Students in all four grades work throughout the year designing, compiling, editing, and revising the yearbook. Positions available include: editors, artists, photographers, historians, writers, layout and advertising staff.