The Guidance Department works to meet the needs of every Frisch student, be they academic, social or religious, through Advisory and meetings with grade deans and guidance counselors.


Advisory is a weekly meeting in which a faculty member and a small group of students discuss topics which are relevant to each grade. The tone of advisory is purposely more informal than that of a normal class so as to allow an opportunity for every student to form a meaningful and personal connection with their advisor. In turn, the advisor acts as mentor, guidance counselor and advocate for the students in his/her group. While the advisor is looking after the social, academic and religious well-being of the students, the student also recognizes that the advisor is the first address that he/she can turn to whether to resolve a particular issue or just to have a friendly chat.

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Grade Deans

Grade Deans at Frisch have a dual responsibility for the entire grade, as well as the specific student, in the academic, social and religious realms. Grade Deans are a presence in the grade and keep an eye on the culture of the grade as a whole, and the social and religious make-up of the students.

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The genuine desire and concern that Frisch teachers have for their students has impacted my religious growth.  They have taught me the value of being a Jew.

– Samuel Rochlin ’14

Guidance Counseling

Guidance counselors focus primarily on students who would benefit from a more intensive guidance process. This includes counseling issues associated with academic guidance, the learning process and educational success, as well as the array of issues that teenagers face growing up in today’s world. Our guidance process, therefore, encompasses working with students on study skills, note taking, executive functioning, time and resource management, facilitating communication between the school and the parents and the coping strategies associated with the rigors daily life and of our academic demands.

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College Guidance

Frisch’s College Guidance program supports each senior throughout the admissions process and helps students identify and gain acceptance to the college or colleges which meet their academic, lifestyle and religious needs. The College Guidance process at Frisch is comprehensive, as counselors work closely with students and their parents throughout all four years of high school. Click here for a description of the college guidance process in each grade.

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Israel Guidance

The Frisch School strongly encourages our seniors to spend a year of Torah study in Israel before returning to begin their university studies. Israel Guidance counselors help students navigate through the application process and identify the schools that meet their intellectual, spiritual and emotional objectives for their year of study in Israel.

In addition to their individualized meetings, students and parents also gather information about yeshivot and seminaries by meeting with the representatives of the various schools who visit Frisch throughout the fall and winter and at our Israel Night, which is held in November.

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Torah Guidance

One of Frisch’s greatest assets is its dedicated and passionate faculty. In addition to demonstrating superb teaching skills, they serve as role models of Torah values and lifestyle. Frisch’s Rebbe’im and teachers are accessible to students in and out of the classroom. Many students set up Chavrutot with their teachers during lunch and free periods or have a Torah Guidance session in which they discuss religious issues that are on their minds. Our faculty invites our students into their Sukkot for a Simchat Beit Hashoeva, welcomes students at their family’s Shabbat tables and gathers with our students for Chanukah and Purim parties.

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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a program in which students who excel in a particular subject volunteer to assist other students who may find a subject particularly challenging. Students meet weekly during lunch or a free period. Through our Guidance department, students are matched in an effort to help each student achieve success.

Additionally, teachers of every discipline are assigned drop-in hours in the school library during lunch periods in order to provide students with an opportunity to receive extra support on an individual basis.

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