At Frisch, academic excellence, rigor and intellectual pursuits are not only preparation for one’s future academic and professional careers, but are also crucial components of the world view of Modern Orthodoxy; that General Studies, when it informs and is filtered through our Jewish identities, can also make us better, even more spiritual citizens and Jews. The integration of Torah and General Studies allows students to see how their Torah Studies can be enriched by general culture and how their general studies can be inspired and informed by Torah values.

Our General Studies curriculum is designed to challenge students to think critically and creatively. Courses in every discipline are offered at multiple levels in order to meet the individual needs of every learner. Students are encouraged to pursue their intellectual interests and have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of electives, including AP courses in every subject. Additionally, motivated students can engage in a directed study in which they conduct original research under the guidance of a faculty member and university professor.

The goal in all Limudei Kodesh classes is to foster love and enthusiasm for Talmud Torah both as a means of developing one’s relationship with God, and as a spiritually enhancing intellectual endeavor. Appreciation for serious study of Judaic texts and internalization of the religious values which emerge from Sifrei Kodesh are facilitated through a warm relationship with Rebbe’im and teachers who are not only excellent pedagogues, but are also role models of Torah values and lifestyle.