Our Campus

The Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus

At 120 West Century Road in Paramus, the 14 acre Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus, The Mordecai and Monique Katz Academic Building and The Zayat Athletic Center provide the Frisch community with space in which to learn, greater opportunities through which to grow, and better tools with which to teach.

The Mordecai and Monique Katz Academic Building

Library 1The Mordecai & Monique Katz Academic Building includes our Beit Midrash and formal learning areas. Our Beit Midrash is a light filled space adorned by stained glass windows that depict our philosophy of curricular integration. The space provides the perfect environment for learning B’Chavruta and in Chaburot, Thirty-four large classrooms are located along the perimeter of the building to maximize exterior light. Six laboratories, one each for chemistry and physics, and two each for biology and engineering, as well as Frisch’s Fab Lab, have been outfitted with the most modern equipment and technology. Located at the front of the academic area and in close proximity to the building entrance and cafeteria are the Administrative offices which afford open door access to students, faculty and parents.

Our library, located in the center of our lower level provides an area in which students learn collaboratively, utilizing both modern technology and traditional methods of research. Located contiguous to a student lounge, the library is a hub of energy and activity. Beit Midrash

Our shul is both a place for Tefilla as well as a gathering space for our entire school to celebrate Smachot and Chagigot as well as to mark moments of solemnity and reflection.

Our cafeteria, is an inviting, bright space with an outdoor dining terrace and a full kitchen. All food is prepared in-house, including: sushi, hand-tossed pizza, full salad bar, and a variety of healthy main and side dishes. P1040051

Our Learning Center is located in proximity to the library and computer room. Here, students with a wide range of learning styles benefit from academic support in a technology-equipped environment. Recognizing the importance of providing additional space for students to relax during the course of the day, a dedicated student lounge has been incorporated into each level of the building. Faculty workspace includes faculty workrooms, a faculty lounge, and space for faculty and student advisory meetings.

The Zayat Athletic Center

M34One of the magnificent features of our campus is the sprawling Zayat Athletic Center. In addition to a 20,000 square-foot gymnasium, our new outdoor facilities include a softball field, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a running track. These facilities allow us to have unique activities on campus, as well as school wide barbeques and other outdoor celebrations. Our gymnasium has two full basketball courts with a specially designed floor for hockey, volleyball and indoor soccer. The layout of the gymnasium allows for multiple teams to hold practices simultaneously. It is also the location of our annual Shiriyah and graduation, a perfect location to house major events at The Frisch School.