Politics, Government and Activism

For the politically-inclined student, Frisch offers its students the opportunity to participate in Mock Trial, Model Congress and Model United Nations. Students learn about current political issues relating to law, economics and foreign policy and develop their skills in competition. Students may also join clubs that are dedicated to activism.



Mock Trial

The Frisch Mock Trial team consists of students who are interested in learning about and being trained in our nation’s judicial system. The Mock Trial team participates in a statewide competition sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association. Positions on the team include: lawyers, witnesses, and jurors. The students then compete against other schools in a court case before a judge in a local courthouse.

Model Congress

Model Congress allows students who are interested in politics and public policy to research important, hot-button issues facing United States lawmakers and propose how best to address them. Students have the opportunity to debate proposed policy in a competition against other schools.

Model United Nations

In Model UN, students learn about the function and operation of the United Nations, as well as the intricate workings of the various groups and committees of the UN. At meetings, students research and familiarize themselves with the country they have been appointed to represent. The culmination of this club is a three-day trip to the Yeshiva University sponsored Model United Nations.



Cougars for Israel (AISAC)

Cougars for Israel promotes Israel awareness within the Frisch community
and the Jewish community at large.

Media Watch, an important committee of Cougars for Israel, sponsors letter-writing campaigns to help refute inaccurate reporting. Cougars for Israel writes and distributes a newsletter entitled Acheinu, and a bulletin board is maintained to keep students and faculty informed. Information from CAMERA, current news,
and a focused topic are posted. Cougars for Israel members help arrange rallies when issues arise. Monthly meetings of Cougars for Israel take the form of a debate where two members choose opposing sides, research their positions and debate the issues. Cougars for Israel members have also attended the Cougars for Israel Mission to Washington, DC.

Environmental Club

The purpose of the Environmental Club is to raise awareness of environmental issues in our school and wider community, and take action. For example, the club is responsible for the dedicated paper recycling bins and water bottle refilling stations around the school.

Ocean Preservation Club

The Ocean Preservation Club meets weekly to learn about different endangered ocean species and strategies that can help preserve them. The club also raises money for the World Wildlife Fund each year.



Student Council members serve as liaisons to the administration of Frisch and promote student involvement in major issues arising within the Frisch community and beyond. Student Council also works to enhance student life at Frisch. At the meetings, minutes are read, issues are debated and decisions are made. Student Council also plans various activities throughout the year, including pep rallies, Big Brother/Big Sister programs, the Frisch clothing drive and more. Two representatives per grade are elected each year. Four executive officers are also elected, for a total of 12 members.