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In English courses at Frisch, students are exposed to the best of classical and contemporary literature, which they analyze, discuss and write about throughout their high school years. The English curriculum is predicated upon a series of interconnected goals: students learn to write clearly and effectively conforming to conventions of standard written English, including appropriate mechanics and diction; through the study of fiction and non-fiction they learn to read and think critically and make intelligent inferences; and students learn to understand and use critical sources when researching and to integrate secondary sources in well-conceived and constructed essays and papers.


In their study of literature students develop a more sophisticated ability to recognize and understand the function in a literary work including an awareness of tone, setting, language, literary and rhetorical devices, and point of view; and to comprehend how each contributes to the meaning of the work and why each was an intentional choice by the author.


The English department’s choice of required works is designed to foster an appreciation of literature as an art form and as an expression of human experience. Students are helped to respond to literature with sensitivity and perception regarding characters, motivation, theme and language; to develop an active and creative relationship with the text; and to consider the possible universality of the work as well as its significance to the culture which produced it.

Our reading list is composed of an ever-changing selection of literature representing a wide geographic and chronological range and spanning genres and forms of both fiction and non-fiction so that students can learn to appreciate the expansive nature of text and learn to recognize that literature study works with an open, and not closed set of potential samples.

In Junior year the options for students expand.  In addition to the required English course, students are able to register for an English elective.  Electives include:

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Journalism
  • Rhetoric and Public Speaking

As we move to Senior year, students are given the opportunity to follow their own passion and choose a literature or writing course.  Senior electives include:

  • Social Injustice in Literature
  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  • Utopia/Dystopia
  • Matrix of Self
  • The Hyphenated American Experience
  • Banned Books
  • War, What is it Good For
  • Writing Workshop

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Each of these courses allow students to engage with the literature in new and meaningful ways.  These courses continue to build on the student’s reading and writing skills.  Using the themes as a guide, students analyze literature, participate in meaningful discussions, and write in multiple modes.  These courses are designed to give the students voice and choice while preparing them for the next step in their educational journey.