Arts and Culture

Frisch offers students many opportunities to pursue the Arts outside of the classroom.

Art Club

The Frisch Art Club gives students a forum to express their artistic talents. Students can study media which include: acrylic paint and canvas, advanced pastel work, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, mixed media wire and other two and three-dimensional media. Instruction is individualized and based on student interest. The instructor helps students develop and refine their techniques as well as their personal means of artistic expression. Technical skill development in realistic drawing, perspective and advanced color theory is also available.


In the Beading club, students learn different beading techniques and implement them to create jewelry and other items.

Drama Society

The Drama Society is famous for its annual spring production. During the school year, students study acting methodology, script/character analysis, directing techniques, set/light design, theatrical protocol, mime and improvisation. Publicity, lighting/sound, set/props, production assistants, and tech staff are just some of the essential committees needed to ensure the success of the play.

Film Club

Students in film club study and critique films, learning about film techniques, genre, character and plot development. Social commentary and specific directors and producers are studied as well.

Filmmaking Club

The Beginners’ Filmmaking Club introduces students to film production. Every role in the pre- and post-production of a film, cinematography, sound, lighting and editing, are explored.

Interior Design

Learn the principles and techniques of interior design, and gain experience putting them into practice!

Knitting Club

Students gather at breakfast to explore knitting, crocheting and more. Come to learn, improve and grow your skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Photography Club

Students study the process of photography, camera technique, composition, light, color contrast and harmony, space, texture and other artistically useful perceptions. Students are also introduced to digital cameras and computer manipulation of photographs. They also study various genres of photography including photojournalism, black and white, portrait, landscape, nature and cityscape.

Sewing Club

Students learn to sew professional looking clothing in no time. Beginners learn sewing skills that establish a solid foundation on which to build. First projects include designing and constructing a skirt and t-shirt using knit fabrics. Advanced students are introduced to woven fabrics, are taught to create darts, put in invisible zippers, set in sleeves and create a variety of hems, among other skills. Individual projects are chosen with guidance, and essentially, students are given the skills to bring their designs to life.