The mathematics department at Frisch is a progressive, rigorous and innovative program. Over four years at Frisch, students are not only taught a wide range of topics in math, but also how to think and view the world from a quantitative perspective.

Virtually all ninth graders begin with a full year of Geometry and are then placed into Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 2 courses in 10th grade based on their prior middle school coursework. When appropriate, students with a more advanced background are placed in higher-level classes or work independently with members of the department. Then as juniors, students take either Algebra 2 or honors PreCalculus based on their previous math placement in 9th and 10th grade. Seniors who have taken Algebra 2 in 11th grade choose between Precalculus or Finite math for their last year, while those seniors who have been in honors courses generally move on to one of our AP math classes. Our Advanced Placement offerings include AP Statistics in 11th or 12th Grades and both AP Calculus AB and BC in the 12th Grade. Click here to view course descriptions for junior and senior year.

Through weekly professional development and established relationships with top math software developers, the Frisch math department prides itself on being on the cutting edge on integrating technology and education.  Additionally, the department does an annual review of our scope and sequences across all levels and grades to make sure we reflect and integrate the ever changing landscape of standardized tests and national educational trends.

Mathematically-inclined students are encouraged to join the Frisch Math Team which participates in the contests from the American High School Mathematics Examination and the New Jersey Math League along with several yeshiva math bowls.  Additionally, every other year several of our top female math students take part in the Ulpaniada, an international math competition run by Michlalah Jerusalem College.

To learn more about the department contact Mrs. Sabrina Bernath, the math department chair, at sabrina.bernath@frisch.org.