There are many options for the musically-inclined students at Frisch, for beginners to the more proficient musicians.


Members of the Frisch choir, under the direction of professional musicians, work on repertoires from Broadway shows, movie scores, contemporary artists, the great American songbook, as well as Jewish and Israeli composers. Students are instructed in the art of group harmony singing as well as solo techniques and perform at Frisch and community events.

Performance Ensemble

The Performance Ensemble instrumental group performs works from classical compositions through contemporary orchestrations. In the past they have performed the works of JS Bach, as well as The Rock opera “Tommy”. Students are given instruction on how to read and interpret written music and perform in a group setting.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band explores the works of the established Jazz composers of the past, as well as those of today. Students are instructed in the techniques of chart reading and jazz improvisation.

Band Workshop

Band Workshop is specifically designed for the new player who needs instruction in the fundamentals of music performance. Students work in a group setting on developing playing techniques used in Performance Ensemble and Jazz Band.