Yeshivat Frisch is a Modern Orthodox, religious Zionist high school serving the needs of the Jewish community of Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas. Established in 1971, Frisch provides young men and women with an exemplary education in both Judaic and general studies. We are guided by four core values: intellectual inquiry, religious growth, pursuit of passion, and kindness. In addition, we prioritize fostering meaningful relationships among students, between students and faculty, and within the wider Frisch community. In offering our students a thoughtfully-created program of formal and informal education, we aim to foster the development of every aspect of our students’ personalities and identitiesintellectual, emotional, creative, communal, and religiousas they mature into young men and women whose commitment to Torah and mitzvot permeates every aspect of their lives. In the past five years, Frisch has grown from a population of 549 to over 900 students.