Writing Track

Frisch’s Writing Track affords students the opportunity to develop strong writing skills in a variety of forms and genres, in addition to the formal English curriculum. Students learn techniques that help them express their unique voice through writing fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, screenplays, speeches, podcasts, social media content, and journalistic articles.

9th Grade
Introduction to Narrative
Writing Track freshmen build upon the foundations of their 9th grade English course, including character, scene, setting, plot, and the mechanics of storytelling, by developing their personal voice through using such techniques in their own creative writing. Students hone their narrative craft as they work on the style, structure and substance of their self-expression which can be applied to multiple genres.

10th, 11th and 12th Grades
Writing Workshops
Genre-specific workshops are held in Frisch’s Writing Studio in which students learn diverse tools and rhetorical conventions to write in a variety of media and for an array of audiences.

Workshop topics include
Short story
Podcast Script
Social Media/ Blogging

Since learning to write well is a developmental process of forming and refining ideas that occurs over time, Writing Track students work to strengthen the evolution and organization of their ideas and cultivate their creative expression. In a workshop framework, students outline, draft and revise their writing of each genre based on feedback from the instructors, mentors in the professional field and classmates. Student storytelling can provide space for students to listen to each other, entertain different perspectives and exchange ideas to enhance their works. The Writing Track culminates with a capstone project in the medium of the student’s choice in which skills mastered in the workshops are applied. Guest lectures and presentations from authors, screenwriters, speechwriters, poets, podcasters and journalists expose students to various genres of writing and diverse careers and provide access to mentors who can offer expert feedback.

The techniques and methods of the various forms and genres learned throughout the Writing Track strengthen students’ writing skills and can be applied across disciplines. The importance of writing for success in the personal, academic, public and professional realm is emphasized, as language is the primary tool for effective communication and is essential for the sharing of ideas.