Music Track Curriculum

Freshman Year

Music Theory

Music theory is a study of the mechanics of scales, chords, melody, and harmony. Lessons use an original text developed especially for this program which provides an accelerated method of study with practical examples of application.

Sophomore Year


Arranging is the examination of arranging sounds in an orchestra. Students learn about different instruments in the orchestra, including woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, and the modern rhythm section. They also learn how to write for each instrument, and explore how to combine sounds. Students have the opportunity to arrange music for the Frisch Performance Ensemble and the Jazz Band, as well as for guest instrumentalists.

Junior Year


Composition is the art of writing original music. The course exposes students to great historical and contemporary composers. Analyses of standard and popular material help students learn the skills necessary for composing songs, writing commercial music, and scoring for film and advertising.

Senior Year

Music Production/Recording Techniques

This hands-on course allows students to explore microphone types and usage, analog and digital recording techniques, signal path, outboard gear, digital editing, mixing, and mastering. Students may work with recording instrumentalists and learn all practical aspects of producing recorded material.