Cougar Nation Network: Courtside Students Live Stream Athletic Games at Frisch

December 7, 2016

cnn-2-basketballNow that the winter sports season is in full swing at Frisch, so, too, is the Cougar Nation Network (CNN), our student-driven live streaming camera crew, which frequently live streams athletic games available for our Frisch family to watch on Members of the CNN not only live stream games but also interview athletes, make commercials for the broadcasts, graphics to complement the games and the CNN website, and more. A Cougar Nation Networking app is forthcoming.

“It’s amazing how its evolved back from February last year, it’s grown from the idea of a few students to an active club with 20 members,” said Aharon Trauirg ’17. “The club has brought in speakers, taken an amazing trip, and we get so much hands-on experience on a regular basis. This is such a unique club opportunity, and I know my peers and I are grateful to Frisch for allowing us to take this idea and run with it.”

Most recently, the live streaming club visited the set of We Need to Talk, a professional sports talk show on the CBS Sports Network.cougar-nation-6

“Frisch is proud of our students for pursuing their passion, finding what makes them unique, and taking it to a truly impressive level,” said Rabbi Eli Ciner, principal.

The Cougar Nation Network is only one of our many co-curricular clubs, many of which are student-initiated and cover the gamut of interests, hobbies and professional aspirations from sewing and debate to fencing and ocean preservation.