New Guidance Initiatives at Frisch

September 1, 2014

In order to meet the needs of every Frisch student, we are excited about two new initiatives: Advisory and Grade Deans.

Every student will participate in the new advisory program which is tailored to address the specific interests of each grade. With the ongoing input and assessment of the grade deans, the curriculum of the advisory meetings will confront questions and concerns, be they, religious, academic, cultural, social, that confront our students. The informal advisory setting provides an opportunity for students to discuss these important issues together with peers and guided by advisors.

The newly created role of Grade Dean at Frisch will have a dual responsibility for the entire grade, as well as for the individual student, in the academic, social and religious realms. The Grade Deans will be a presence in the grade and will keep an eye on the culture of the grade as a whole, and the social and religious make-up of the student cluster/chevras. Grade Deans will assist with academic counseling, course make-up, navigating social situations, religious struggles and individual school participation. A significant component of their responsibility is to ensure that the correct person at Frisch is dealing with each student, and following through with that particular student.

Grade Deans:
Ninth Grade: Rabbi J.Z. Spier ‘02, Ms. Sarit Ben-David ‘07
Tenth Grade: Mrs. Michal Jacob, Rabbi David Sher
Eleventh Grade: Mrs. Maren Scharf ‘97, Rabbi Josh Schulman ‘03
Twelfth Grade: Rabbi Michael Bashist, Rabbi David Goldfischer ‘98