Mrs. Wachsman Speaks to Frisch

September 21, 2014

By Talia Bardash, ’15

Last week our school was privileged to hear from a woman whose faith in our nation and in Hashem serves as a testament to the resilience of the Jewish spirit. Nachson Wachsman’s mother described the ordeal that her immediate family and Am Yisroel experienced twenty years ago when her son, a soldier in the Israeli army was kidnapped by terrorists and later murdered. The most inspiring part of her speech was her complete devotion to the will of Hashem. Her unwavering faith amazed me, as well as many other students, and opened my eyes to what is true Avodat and Ahavat Hashem.

Mrs. Wachman emphasized the special and unique nature of Judaism: If one Jew is suffering, all Jews share the pain. The complete unity of Am Yisroel that we have personally seen this past summer is a reaffirmation that we, the Jewish People, will not be broken, but rather we will unite and become stronger. Those with the trust and belief in Hashem, like Nachson Wachman’s mother, stand as the leaders and as the role models for the rest of the nation.