Cougars Do Chanukah!

December 29, 2014

Chanukah at Frisch was full of excitement, celebration and school-wide programming.  Bashist 10S1Each day the entire school came together to daven mincha and maariv, enjoy a student’s d’var torah and light candles together. Grade deans handed out donuts for all to enjoy and our Judaic studies faculty opened their homes with wonderful chanukah parties for our students.  Below is a brief taste of additional programming that took place during the month of December and the eight days of Chanukah.


Frisch Auction: Rena Farkas ’16

The annual Frisch Auction was announced by Toby Moses on December 2nd. DSC_0093The auction, run by the FPA, raises money for FPA programming for the school.  Parents and students had the option to bid on offers from 27 different categories. The categories included: art, books, camps, clothing, dinning, doctors & dentists, electronics, gourmet items, Frisch faculty experiences, handbags, health and fitness, home, jewelry, Judaica, kids, memorabilia, other services, spa & beauty, sports, entertainment and sports tickets, travel & destinations, tutoring, and unique experiences. The bidding was available at
The bidding ended December 12.

Frisch on Fire: Rena Farkas ’16

During 2nd and 3rd period on December 18th, Frisch on Fire, Frisch’s annual student Chanukah celebration, took place in the auditorium and cafeteria. DSC_0120Frisch seniors wore black Frisch on Fire t-shirts and sat around the stage while other grades sat on the floor, the boys sitting across from the girls. The festivities kicked off with the Menorah Challenge: students on chairs held lanterns and were pushed across the floor. The first team to get eight members to the other side won. Raffle tickets were chosen from the boxes to see who would win a prize and everyone then joined hands to dance.  Frisch on Fire ended in the cafeteria where the school was treated to ice cream!

Candle Lighting at Holy Name Hospital: Max Weisbrot ‘ 16

On Wednesday December 17th, Rabbi Schulman and 10 students went on a trip to visit patients at Holy Name Medical Center. The students, including Sam Finkel, Sarah Baruch, Naomi Manas, Sabrina Kudowitz, Debra Paul, Danielle Auerbacher, Keren Pickholz, Chani Infield and Malki Infield sang Chanukah songs and lit candles on a feed that was shown to the whole hospital.

The idea for the visit came from Naomi Manas’s mother who is a nurse at the hospital. She approached Rabbi Schulman about the idea of having students join in on the usual Chanukah festivities. He loved the idea and asked for volunteers in Naomi’s Jewish studies classes. 10 students all quickly volunteered and were, “super excited to go,” according to Rabbi Schulman.

The students were able to meet in person with some patients and were also shown on a video feed for patients who were unable to leave their rooms. They spread some Chanukah cheer to the sick people and gave many people who didn’t have a chance to celebrate Chanukah a happy night to light candles, sing and have a good time.

Kahal Tzedakah Drive: Amanda Leifer ‘ 16

Frisch Students raised money for Kahal during Chanukah this year. DSC_0001Kahal is Frisch’s student run Tzedakah organization under the faculty guidance of Rabbi Ciner and Rabbi Goldfischer.  Kahal chooses different charities to donate to during tzedakah drives throughout the year.  The money from the Chanukah drive will be given to three charities: Emuna, Leket Israel, and Lone Soldier.

Every Hebrew class choose a representative who suggested ways for the class to raise money and collected the money. This year students sold popcorn, sushi, sweatshirts, and held raffles in order to make the most money. The class that raised the most money won a prize. Lisa Appelbaum (15’), and Tammy Billet (15’) class representatives for 12T1 sold long sleeve shirts with hoods and crew neck sweatshirts for $25. Adam Auerbach (17’) sold a card carrying iPhone case with the Frisch school’s logo on it.

*Update* Frisch students raised $27,500 for these worthwhile charities! Kol Hakavod! Congratulations to class 12R on raising the most funds for our tzedakah drive and class 9R for being the runners-up!


Chanukah Toy Drive: Amanda Leifer ‘ 16

Now in its 22nd year, the Frisch annual Chanukah toy drive, took place from December 10th to December 18th. Toys were donated to the Bergen County Chanukah Toy drive, an organization which distributes the toys to local hospitals, and homes.

Students received five tickets for any contribution they made. Those tickets could be put into the Chanukah raffle whose winners were announced during the school’s Chanukah program “Frisch on Fire.”

This year, a large amount of toys were collected by Frisch students. “Hundreds, Frisch’s most successful year so far” said Rabbi Schulman who runs the drive. The toys were placed in front of Barry’s desk, and during the drive he often found it difficult to get around to his desk because of the surrounding toys.