Fashion Fever has hit the Frisch School

January 13, 2015

As we near the end of the 1st semester, the Frisch Art department is all about fashion! The 9th grade arts track students are finishing up their 2-D design foundation semester by learning about and creating textile designs.  To begin this project the class heard from accessory designer, Debbie Negari.

art 4

A graduate from F.I.T, Debbie has designed handbags and shoes for adults and children that have been found in major retail stores including Target, JCPenney, Kmart and Conway.   Debbie spoke to both the 9th and 11th grade art classes.   The 9th graders designed their own textiles based on live fish and hermit crabs which have now become our class pets.

art 5

They then translated those drawings into repetitive patterns and were taught about resist dye techniques like Batik to create silk scarves and graphic T-Shirts with their original designs.

art 7

In the 11th grade Studio Art course, Debbie showed the class her accessory lines and how to create an accessory design portfolio.  She also answered a lot of questions for the students about her college career and work experiences.  The 11th grade final project for the semester is to create an original zippered pouch.  The students were all taught how to use the machine, and create a lined pouch from scratch.  They were given a large array of fabrics to choose from so that each design was unique.

art 8

In addition, Frisch proudly published its first fashion publication this month!  Cougar’s Closet will come out seasonally and was a great success!  Please click here to read it for yourself.

art 9

Of course, we must not forget that Fashion pervaded Shiriya as well.  Our very talented art students let their creativity shine in all aspects of Shiriya this past week.  But, it was wonderful to see those amazing Project Runway designs fully hand sewn by the Frisch Art students!

art 10