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Frisch Celebrates Lag Ba’omer Together

June 1, 2016

11Frisch students and faculty celebrated Lag Ba’omer in numerous fun and meaningful ways.

Rabbi Bashist led a delegation of Frisch students and faculty members to Lawrence, NY, where they enjoyed dinner at Carlos and Gabby’s before celebrating with Rav Moshe Weinberger, of Congregation Aish Kodesh, at his annual Lag Ba’omer tisch. The tisch is attended by hundreds of people both in and out of the Five Towns Jewish community.

After singing and dancing until nearly midnight, the Frisch delegation then continued on to Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens, where they wrote personal notes to leave at the Rebbe’s kever, said tehillim and davened ma’ariv together.  7

Mrs. Mantell hosted her AP art class for an outdoor bonfire, s’mores and movie in her backyard, and Rabbi Weinberg led some of his students on a camping expedition in the Monsey area. Finally, many of our students played baseball with their rebbeim against a backdrop of gorgeous summer weather.

It is a testament to one of core values – meaningful relationships – that so many students chose to enjoy the Lag Ba’omer festivities with their teachers. Frisch has always emphasized the bonds fostered between rebbeim and morot and their students, and rarely was it more keenly on display than during Lag Ba’omer. You can see more photos from our celebrations, here.