Frisch Chosen to Participate in Key Avi Chai Panel Discussion: Preparing Our Students for the Realities on Campus

November 21, 2016

eli-at-avi-chai-conferenceFrisch was one of five North American yeshiva high schools chosen to present on a panel discussion on different methods incorporating Israel education and advocacy into their schools’ curricula and cultures.

Rabbi Eli Ciner, Frisch principal, spoke about Frisch’s unique, multi-year educational plan and the central placement of Israeli history and current events in the school’s curriculum. Sophomores study an in-depth unit on Israeli history in their general history classes, with the same academic rigor and balance as all their other history units; juniors meet weekly for an intensive class where they are exposed to Israel’s narrative since its founding, major points of criticism leveled against it and various responses to these claims. Senior year offers an experiential educational elective on Israel where students learn practical tools to combat anti-Zionism on college campuses and enjoy a capstone lobbying mission to Capitol Hill. Students are empowered to take what they learned in class to serve as proponents of Israel to those in Congress and make a difference in a real-life setting, especially key the year before they graduate high school and head to Israel for the year or college campuses.

The panel discussion was part of a two-day conference in Fort Lee which was sponsored and hosted by Avi Chai, a foundation for the perpetuation and deeper engagement of the Jewish people. The conference—which also featured special guests Bret Stephens, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and Daniel Gordis, Koret Distinguished Fellow at Shalem College—examined the growing trend of anti-Jewish sentiment and politics on college campuses across North America. By helping educators understand what their high school students are likely to face on campus, and cultivating best practices to teach how to combat anti-Israel sentiment and action and equip their students with tools to serve as effective advocates for the State of Israel, Avi Chai’s conference helped fulfill a critical challenge facing thousands of Jewish students each year.

“I was pleased to represent Frisch at the Avi Chai conference and to share the excellent work of Rabbi David Sher, our Director of Israel Education, and the Israel Education committee,” said Rabbi Ciner. “Their dedication and creativity help Frisch offer a unique course of action to engage students and to equip them with the tools necessary to be powerful advocates for the Jewish state.”

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