Frisch Hosts Evening of the Arts, Celebrating First Graduating Arts Track Class

March 23, 2018

On Monday, March 19, Yeshivat Frisch hosted its second annual Evening of the Arts. The program featured musical performances by Frisch’s choir (directed by Josh Ehrlich), jazz ensemble and performance ensemble (directed by Steve Bill), along with an art exhibit (directed by Ahuva Winslow and Mira Levy) featuring the work of students in Frisch’s ninth through twelfth grade arts tracks, studio art club and the school’s different art electives.

Lively jazz alternated with the dulcet tones of a “Bridge Over Troubled Water”/”Gesher Tzar Me’od” mashup and favorites from decades past and present, courtesy of Frisch’s talented and hardworking music students. After the live music performance, attendees had the opportunity to meander through the art exhibit and take in panels of biblical portraits, illustrated pesukim, nature-inspired paintings, self-portraits and still lifes—tables of exquisitely repurposed books, original jewelry and pottery, a virtual reality experience of the Book of Jeremiah, fashion creations from the sewing club—and more.

This year was especially meaningful for the arts track, which is celebrating its fourth year of existence and its first graduating arts track class.

The arts track was the brainchild of Frisch’s Visual Arts Program Director Ahuva Winslow, working in conjunction with Frisch Principal Rabbi Eli Ciner and other members of the administration. “I am so proud of what Frisch has helped me build and grateful for the support of Rabbi Ciner and the school for making the department grow to the powerful program that it is,” said Winslow. “It now includes four grades of arts track, art electives, art club, Artist Beit Midrash Program, fashion sewing and so much more.”

Winslow said she was particularly proud to display an entire art installation by her 12th grade Biblical Portraits: Artist Beit Midrash class, in which students explored the fascinating character of the unlikely biblical heroine Rachav. “They each created installations that visually expressed the evolution of the character of Rachav from the book of Joshua,” explained Winslow. “This project was complex and they presented works in highly sophisticated and unique ways.”

“The Arts Program is a great way to connect with students that I wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to connect with,” said Carly Rosenblatt a student in the Arts Program. “Between art class and art club I have become friends with students from all grades and classes. My favorite part of Evening of the Arts was looking at how much my friends and I have accomplished over the past few months.”