Frisch Juniors Help Rebuild NOLA with NJ NCSY

December 22, 2016

A Frisch contingent of juniors had a meaningful chessed mission to New Orleans with NJ NCSY. Accompanied by Rabbi Joshua Schulman, Frisch’s Director of Chessed, students helped repair houses with Habitat for Humanity, toured the city, and enjoyed a beautiful and spiritually uplifting Shabbat with the Anshe Sfard Synagogue.

Talia Bardash ’15, currently a sophomore at Stern College for Women, came along on the trip as an NCSY adviser. “The students were so inspirational and always wanted to help in any way they could,” said Talia. “They each brought with them enthusiasm and an excitement to help everyone they could, and I think they were really appreciative of what they had when they saw, firsthand, how many people were left with nothing after Katrina. As a Frisch alum, the students reminded me how much Frisch teaches us about helping and being kind to everyone. ”

For Ari Zucker, NCSY’s East Brunswick coordinator, the NOLA chessed mission with Frisch was a welcome continuation of the unique partnership. “Whether through building a home for those who can’t afford one or creating an energy efficient environment, the Frisch students exemplified the Jewish value of an Ohr LaGoyim, a light unto the Nations, as they worked to take action and responsibility to enhance the city of New Orleans,” he said.

“My trip to NOLA was an experience that I will carry with me forever,” said Abigail Heinrich ’18. “I learned, grew and made memories that will last a lifetime.”