Frisch Science Educators Attend FlipCon New York Conference

August 13, 2016

FlipCon ConferenceSeveral Frisch science educators worked on honing their teaching craft earlier last week by attending the FlipCon New York conference in New Paltz, NY.

Teachers learned how to create flipped classroom videos to continue helping students become independent learners.

“Educational technologies such as online videos or teacher prepared videos are used to deliver content outside of the classroom,” said Dr. Furman, Chair of Frisch’s Science Department. “Students are assigned these videos to watch as  homework, and students who have difficulty with certain concepts are able to  watch the video multiple times if needed. By laying a foundation for the students at home , this allows for better use of instructional time where topics can be explored in greater depth.”
Dr. Furman continued, “The theory behind the flipped classroom is to have the students be  independent learners and take responsibility for acquiring the basic and most concrete concepts on their own. The classroom can then became a place where the teachers are available to work with students on the more difficult and challenging material.”