Frisch Student Participates in Cooper Union Summer STEM Program

August 15, 2016

Daniel KoenigDaniel Koenig ’17 spent the past few weeks at The Cooper Union at its summer STEM program, an intensive six-week experience for high school students planning to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Rising juniors and seniors get hands-on lessons in engineering design and problem-solving; work closely with esteemed Cooper Union faculty; and participate in group projects ranging from robotics, digital fabrication, computer programming and app development, and more.

“The Cooper Union summer STEM program was not only an amazing educational experience, but also an enjoyable one,” said Daniel. “Over the course of six weeks I learned how to make an app, collaborate effectively with teammates, and succeed in the business aspect of engineering. The app that my team and I created is called ‘Travel Safely,’ and it’s an aggregator of every country’s vital safety information that travelers needs before going to a different country. Key safety factors such as tap water quality, crime levels, vaccines needed, and many more are all available on this app. Hopefully we will be able to release it to the App Store soon.”