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Grade Chessed Days: Living Frisch Values Outside the Classroom

November 4, 2015


The past two weeks, each grade at Frisch had a designated day where they spent the majority of the day engaged  in various acts of chessed. One of the things in which we pride ourselves at Frisch is our emphasis on creating and fostering a culture of kindness, respect and understanding. We accomplish this by helping our students develop into thoughtful and compassionate member of Klal Yisrael.

Rabbi Joshua Schulman, Director of Chessed Programming and Junior Grade Dean, said, “These chessed days afforded our student body the opportunity to actualize the values being imparted inside the building outside it, and provided students with a taste of the numerous possibilities that exist for having a positive impact in the broader community.”

Over the course of four days, Frisch sent 18 different groups of students from all grades to soup kitchens, senior citizen facilities, food banks, hospital provision centers, and aging cemeteries to make Freshmen do chesseda real difference in the lives of individuals and institutions that need it most.  Each day began with a special shiur presented by a faculty member on the meaning and importance of chessed, and was followed by the trips to the different locales.   The powerful influence of these initiatives was not only felt by those people whom we were assisting, but by the students themselves.  Our students returned to school feeling uplifted by their meaningful experiences volunteering to help others, and were left inspired to find ways to further their contributions to the broader community.