Senior Seminar Program Begins

May 6, 2021

Yeshivat Frisch’s Class of 2021 started their Senior Seminars program this week, with a wide variety of options based on individual student interests. The weekly schedule begins with davening and breakfast, followed by time slots devoted to Israel/Community, Life After Frisch, mini-courses in Judaic and general studies and virtual internships.

The lineup for Israel/Community related issues included Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, NYU University chaplain and chief rabbi of the Jewish community of the Emirates; Rabbi Gideon Black, director of Professional Recruitment and Leadership Development for the OU-JLIC (Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus); ORA (Organization for the Resolution of Agunot); CCSA (Communities Confronting Substance Abuse); and Gift of Life Marrow Registry. Virtual internship guest speakers included: alumna Aliza Hochsztein, a software engineer at Airbnb; Michelle Weber, chief of Kings County District Attorney Abuse Unit in Brooklyn; Becky Strapp, director of Educational Initiatives of AIEF (American Israel Education Foundation); and alumnus Dr. Kivi Steinberger, a neurosurgeon at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

The Life After Frisch courses, which teach a variety of practical skills, included: Genius Bar: Maximizing Your iPhone; Auto Mechanics: Lessons for Your First Car; Baking With Melissa Alt; Dorm Room Cooking; and Arabic Language 101.

Students also had the opportunity to sign up for the Judaic and general studies mini-courses of their choice. Judaic studies mini-courses included: Halachic Challenges on Campus, Rock Star Women in Tanach, Fourth Perek of Rosh Hashanah, Mesillat Yesharim, Famous Jewish Letters, Hollywood and Halacha: Analyzing Famous Movie Scenes Through the Lens of Torah, Of Rappers and Rebbes: Lyrics and Teachings of the Greats; Jewish Music Tour: Evolution and Lyrics; and Painting on Fabric, Textile Design, Screenprinting and more. General studies mini-courses included: Incredibly Short Works of Fiction, Rabbinic Disputes from Maimonides to the Modern State of Israel; Grammar 101, How to Read a Poem, Contemporary Jewish Life Around the World, Italian Language, and Ethics and Conundrums.

More amazing options await next week!