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Seniors Visit 9/11 Memorial Museum

November 9, 2015

Museum 9Last week, our seniors, who will soon graduate and take their place in the world as adults, visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum to remember the tragic events of that fateful day. Rabbi Michael Bashist, Director of Judaic Studies and Educational Enrichment and Senior Grade Dean, oversaw the trip. He spoke to the students at the memorial reflection pool before they entered the Museum, imploring them to remember to channel their collective talents and strengths toward creating a better and brighter future for the world.

“As we prepare for Rosh Chodesh Kislev, we are reminded of our mission to fight darkness by creating light,” said Rabbi Bashist.   “As our seniors get ready to graduate and move forward in life, I appealed to them to shift their vision towards the world around them, and consider both their privilege and responsibility to channel their unique talents toward creating a bright and meaningful future. The museum itself was extremely powerful and an experience that I know we will all carry with us.”

“The trip was very moving and I learned a lot,” said Danielle Seelenfreund ’16. “There was an exhibition that detailed the events of the day minute by minute that was particularly compelling and educational.”

The trip was generously funded by the Frisch Parents Association.