Shiriyah ’16 Comes to Frisch!

January 8, 2016

Group shotShe’s heeeeeeeeeeeeere! A little thing called Shiriyah broke out this morning, in true Frisch fashion. There is nothing like the week-long festival to which each student contributes their time, energy, talents and passion. Shiriyah culminates in a grand extravaganza on Thursday evening.

Each year, our students look forward to Shiriyah because it captures the true essence of Frisch: a place where each student can grow in so many ways, be a part of a close-knit community and flex their individual talents in art, music, dance, drama, Torah knowledge and more. Our students have the chance to develop tangible leadership skills and strengths in so many different areas.

Students stay after class late into the night (and, sometimes, into the early morning) working diligently side by side with their friends and peers to create beautiful, inspirational masterpieces of song, art, drama and dance. Anyone who drops by to observe the exciting atmosphere and controlled chaos, for even a few moments, can glean the significance of Shiriyah to our students. It is a time when so many beautiful memories are formed, friendships are strengthened, and creativity and inspiration soars.

This year’s underlying theme is Kedushat Z’man: Yomim Noraim (9th Grade), Shalosh Regalim (10th Grade), Chanukah and Purim (11th Grade) and Shabbat (12th Grade).

There is simply nothing like the camaraderie, ruach, and excitement of Shiriyah. We hope you will come and join us next week to witness the Frisch spirit for yourself, or drop by any evening to observe the magic behind the curtains—you won’t regret it.

One more way to keep your pulse on the week’s festivities? Our social media, which gets co-opted for all things Shiriyah. If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for inside looks at what our students are working on and some of the beautiful bonding that goes on during the crazy and amazing week.