Shiriyah Breakout!

January 3, 2015

Dear Parents,

As many of you undoubtedly already know, Shiriyah “broke out” this morning. I cannot begin to explain the ruach of the break out or the extraordinary contributions of so many of the adults who spend their days at Frisch. Ask your son/daughter to describe it for you. I don’t need to tell Frisch parents how wonderful the night of Shiriyah is-it’s next Thursday evening; a “formal” invitation will follow-but for those of you who are new to Frisch this year I assure you that it’s well worth your while to spend next Thursday evening with us.

Shiriyah has many components so our kids can demonstrate their skills and strengths in so many areas: art, music, scholarship, drama, dance, leadership, and Torah. It creates a spirit of camaraderie which permeates the school and glows throughout the entire school year. The themes chosen each year reflect an aspect of our Torah Studies curriculum. This year’s underlying themes are the four core values of Chesed, Gevura, Emet and Tzidkutas expressed in Sefer Breishit.

Every one of our students finds their niche in Shiriyah. But in a school of nearly six hundred it is inevitable that there will be a few youngsters who find it a little difficult to find their place. That’s our job to fix. If your son/daughter for any reason is feeling that he/she is not participating in the week’s activities in a gratifying way please email me or Rabbi Goldfischer, and we will make sure that the grade deans reach out (quietly and seamlessly) to him/her and find an appropriate avenue to integrate him/her into the flow of Shiriyah.

The best part of Shiriyah is not the magnificent Thursday night extravaganza. If you have time, and can handle being surrounded by (almost) controlled chaos, drop into school any day or evening next week to see how it all comes together. If you can’t do that be sure to come early on Thursday evening to walk through each grade’s corridor before the start of the evening’s activities.


Rabbi Eli Ciner


P.S. Shiriyah is such an important part of life at The Frisch School that it would never occur to us to sell tickets of admission. But Shiriyah is very expensive. Just setting up the seating, audio-visual arrangements, and decorations in the gym is quite costly as is the extraordinary amount of material which goes into the kids’ transformation of the building into a Shiriyah theme park. Please consider making a contribution- email –to help defray this large (but so worthwhile) expense.