Shiriyah Takes Over Instagram!

January 3, 2015

For the past four years, Shiriyah has taken over Facebook and Twitter too as our students learned to use the power of social media as a platform to organize, collaborate, and create on a massive scale, what has been called by author Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus. This year Shiriyah has taken over Instagram, the popular photo and videosharing mobile platform. Follow @FrischSchool on Instagram for the latest pictures and videos from Shiriyah and we repost some of the highlights from our four grades and from the #Shiriyah15 hashtag. You can also follow each grade @Shiriyah9, @Shiriyah10, @Shiriyah11, and @Shiriyah12.

Shiriyah 2015 has barely begun but below you can already see Instagram highlights from our various grades hard at work.