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Students Prepare for Upcoming Presidential Elections

September 26, 2016

elections-1As Americans prepare to head to the polls, Frisch students are embracing their own civic duty of learning about this election and the electoral process. The project began on the first week of school, when every student was assigned to follow the election from a different newspaper from around the country. The students’ job is to post frequent article summaries to a class webpage from their newspaper. Their classmates are then charged to comment upon this article by pointing out how their news source covered the same issue.

“Through this process, students will follow the twists and turns of the election, while realizing the different perspective people have on the issues form around the country,” said Mr. Eitan Kastner, Frisch History educator.
Complementing this assignment, each grade was brought together for assemblies led by members of the history department in which they were reminded of how national elections work in this country. They reviewed the electoral college, down ballad races, and how to understand polling. As the election draws closer, future assemblies will be called to discuss the different party platforms and personalities of the Democratic and Republican candidates.