Wrap up from our English Department: Summer Assignments

June 1, 2015

As the school year comes to a close, the English department teachers have begun preparing their students for finals and beyond. Recapping the literature we have covered and the skills, be they in writing or analytical reading, that our students have mastered, teachers have tried to impress upon our students that the goal of the English class is to help students be ready for all experiences with language and literature, not just to be familiar with a core canon of texts.

english blog 2We have crafted a series of summer readings and assignments designed to keep students from slipping in their close reading skills over the coming months. Readings are aimed at preparing students for the upcoming year and sensitizing them to concepts which will form the backbone of their next year’s English classes. The work will help students catalog concepts and crystallize complex thoughts, helping the teacher assess, from day one, each students’ background and skill set.

We will be making the summer assignments available on the English department section of the website in the upcoming days and encourage you to read through it and secure the texts required, so that your child can get a head start on the summer work build knowledge at a comfortable and efficient pace and beat the late-August crush.