Yeshivat Frisch Concludes Another Outstanding Year of Engineering

May 30, 2019

How can people be forewarned about their dangerous, overheating electrical outlets? What if people could receive a body PH reading from simply using the bathroom, and be alerted as to whether they need to see a physician? And is there a way to navigate the quickest route through a crowded school hallway?

Yeshivat Frisch students showcased their innovative solutions to these problems—and many others—at Frisch’s annual Science and Engineering Symposium on May 22. The symposium celebrated yet another outstanding year of engineering at Yeshivat Frisch. The evening opened with a lecture by Dr. Adi Hanuka, a Technion graduate in electrical engineering who created the diagnostic medical device known as the Eyelid Motion Monitor.

Following the lecture, students exhibited their projects from the past year, in electrical, mechanical and biomedical engineering, molecular biology and bioinformatics, wearable technologies, robotics, coding and 3D design and fabrication from the Frisch Fab Lab. Over 250 students participated—from the Frisch engineering track; Waksman Student Scholars biology research course; technology and Halacha, 3D design and fabrication and Tikkun Olam Makers electives; honors computer science course, Girls Who Code club and award-winning robotics program. The symposium took place on the heels of CIJE Innovation Day, in which Frisch’s entire freshman and sophomore engineering track cohorts participated.

Other highlights from the year included a first-place win for Frisch at the CIJE Hackathon, a visit to Google’s headquarters with a select group of Frisch computer science students and a trip to Israel with CIJE-Journey to the Startup Nation, during which the participants visited different high tech/medical startups and nonprofits in Israel along with Frisch Engineering Program Director Rifkie Silverman and students from other yeshiva high schools. In addition, this was the pilot year for Frisch’s participation in the international high school robotics competition, FIRST Robotics. For the final event of the year, Frisch hosted the first annual CIJE Robotics Competition on May 29.