Yeshivat Frisch Engineers Visit CIJE Startup Nation

March 9, 2023

Yeshivat Frisch engineering students traveled to Israel to participate in CIJE’s Journey to Start Up Nation at the end of February. Students, along with Frisch Engineering Program Director Rifkie Silverman, visited innovation hubs, startups, incubators, accelerators and companies making incredible technological advances including Mobileye, Lightricks, Checkpoint, Aleph Farms and more. They were exposed to state-of-the-art innovation in development, in the labs of Israel’s top universities and participated in hands-on workshops. All the while, they interacted with engineers, professors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists at the forefront of innovation.

Students learned about agritech, fintech, foodtech, cybertech, biomedical tech and how investors choose to invest in emerging technologies.

A special part of the trip was hearing from Frisch alumni who, after aliyah, are making significant contributions to Israel’s tech scene. The Frisch delegation also enjoyed networking with other Jewish day school students who share their passion about a career in a STEM field.