Yeshivat Frisch Finds Opportunities in Virtual Learning

May 19, 2020

Faculty at Yeshivat Frish have been taking advantage of the unique and unexpected pedagogical opportunities facilitated by remote instruction.

In the Judaic Studies classroom, Tanach teachers Yael Goldfischer and Alyssa Kirsch created a virtual escape room for their Chumash (Bamidbar) classes, titled “Escape the Midbar!” The game, created in Google Forms, featured clues from throughout their unit of study.

Gemara classes are conducting “halachik laboratories.” Students learn the sources, and then have hands-on lessons where they utilize everyday objects and appliances from around their homes to understand the technical considerations behind various halachot related to Shabbat.

Meanwhile, chemistry teacher Jennifer Blanck has been conducting “kitchen chemistry” experiments on Fridays with her trusted assistant (a.k.a. son). This past week, they mixed an acid with a base (baking soda and Pepsi) and observed the resulting chemical reaction.

Frisch has also added to its co-curricular schedule. One of the school’s newest clubs, “Getting Ready for Shabbos,” features faculty member Shira Kronenberg leading the students (and family members) in creating new, delicious recipes on Thursday afternoons. Another new co-curricular is the Guitar Club (with Rabbi Scheinfeld), which has both beginner and intermediate meetings. The online format allows students to learn the instrument from the comfort of their own homes.

While everyone misses being on the Frisch campus, it has been incredible to see the creativity on display both in and out of the virtual classroom.