Yeshivat Frisch Holds Annual Science and Engineering Symposium

May 30, 2018

Yeshivat Frisch held its fifth annual Science and Engineering Symposium on May 23, featuring a special presentation by inventor, scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Gordon Chiu and a showcasing of the incredible projects completed by ninth through twelfth grade students this year.

The program began with words by Principal Eli Ciner, Engineering Program Director Rifkie Silverman and Science Chair Dr. Mindy Furman. Afterwards, Chiu, who gained international recognition for his work on Graphene, addressed the students, stressing the importance of perseverance and the limitless potential they have as the engineers of the future.

“Excellence blossoms from faith,” he said. “There may be struggle along the way. You have to want it enough to hold onto hope, faith and courage against all odds!”

Following Chiu’s presentation, the attendees had the opportunity to see the work of the Frisch students in action. Poster boards, machines, robots, woodcuts from the fab lab and code-filled screens lined the Frisch cafeteria, where students proudly displayed and explained their projects to their families, friends, faculty members and guests. Students from the engineering track, electives in robotics, bio research and halacha and technology, the Girls Who Code club and other classes and electives were all represented.