Yeshivat Frisch Holds Engineering Symposium and Entrepreneurship Demo Day

June 3, 2021

Last week, students in our Engineering and Entrepreneurship Tracks capped off the year with two amazing wrap-up events, where they presented their work to friends, faculty and parents. At Entrepreneurship Demo Day, students displayed posters and pitched their startup ideas in front of a panel of judges, describing the problems they identified and their solution, market research and business model. Ideas included SAFE-X, a way to safely remove complex electrical products without needing to hire an electrician; SteerSafe, to help with safer driving; FOCUS, an app to help students focus better in school; and more.

At the annual Engineering Symposium, students got to display and explain their year-long projects, designed to use engineering to fill a human need. This year’s projects included a wildfire detection system; a Braille reader/decoder; a bedtime bear that helps toddlers develop a bedtime routine; a self-stabilizing Gyro Tray to help people with hand tremors (which won the first place CIJE robotics engineering award); and many more! The Frisch Engineering Symposium is dedicated by the Maurice and Hester Lowenthal Foundation in memory of Mitzi and Edward Traurig z”l. Prior to the student presentations, attendees had the honor to hear from keynote speaker Dr. Yehudit Abrams, a mechanical engineer, physician and former NASA scientist who founded MonitHer, the first at-home, personal-use monitor for early detection of breast cancer.