Yeshivat Frisch Hosts Evening of Scholars

May 23, 2019

On May 20, Yeshivat Frisch hosted its first annual Evening of Scholars. The event featured 11 presentations showcasing the impressive accomplishments of students who completed an independent study this year with various Limudei Kodesh and general studies faculty.

The students’ work occurred in a wide variety of disciplines, including: Greek and Norse mythology (Michele Scheer), English literature (Ariella Weiss and Allison Gellerstein), history (Feigele Lichtinger), multivariable calculus (Yogi Sragow), biology (Liana Zeldin), prototyping and product design (Ian Welfeld and Mikey Nadritch), game coding (Jonno Rosen, Leora Dallas, Yair Siegel and Yogi Sragow) and biomedical engineering (Nina Gerszberg). One group of student produced and recorded a song and spoke about their process (Caleb Koppel, Julia Sohn, Rafi Kigner, Shiya Bolton, Ozzie Jeselsohn); another student performed a magic show titled “A Brief History of Magic” (Judah Mantell).

“This is a way for students to share the intense work they’ve done throughout the year,” said Lauren Burstein, a member of Frisch’s English department and organizer of the evening. Burstein spearheaded the event after mentoring one of the projects, which she believed deserved to be shared with a wider audience. “Independent study is a great way for students to find a topic of their own choosing to explore and add their voice to the broader conversation that already exists about that topic.”