Yeshivat Frisch Observes Yom HaShoah

April 23, 2020

Abraham and Fela Kolat, z”l, Holocaust survivors from Poland who rebuilt their lives in America after the war, and beloved parents of Frisch librarian Beverly Geller.

Yeshivat Frisch commemorated Yom HaShoah on April 22, with a moving program, dedicated in memory of Fela and Abraham Kolat, z”l. The program was broadcast to the Frisch community over Zoom, and included moving personal narratives, readings and divrei Torah.

“A question often posed is, how do you respond to such images?” said Assistant Principal Rabbi David Goldfischer at the program’s conclusion. “How do you respond to such evil? As Jews, we respond with prayer…We also commit ourselves to living lives of love, lives of goodness and kindness, being there for our immediate community, the broader community and, of course, the world community, so that such evil is never replicated ever again. That is part of our responsibility. Our responsibility to remember and to do something on behalf of the six million, and to be people who continue their stories.”